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The Healing Waterfall – Art Process Notes

Journal notes: Thursday 1 August 2019

I’ve been feeling under the weather with a cold today and my energy is low. I didn’t feel up to connecting with soul again to find out more about this story, so I simply asked for some healing energy to come to me.


Chalk pastels on mixed media paper

My process

  1. I put on some ‘healing meditation music’ and set up my art space.
  2. I closed my eyes and simply asked for some healing energy to come through.
  3. I then started to draw.
  4. After I finished the drawing I sat down and did some journal writing reflecting on the art piece.
  5. The story of the bird and water was written as a summary of my insights into the art.

What came up for me during the process

The bird holds the creative energy within and it is quite contained. The spiritual energy moves freely around the bird, however the two are yet to meet or touch one another.

The message: let go and allow the energy in so that the transformation can begin. It’s an alchemical process, and my mind is the one holding me back.

If you would like to read more about what came up for me during the process of creating this art, click on the link to read my journal notes.

The healing waterfall

The healing waterfall

Let go and allow the healing energy in so that the transformation can begin.

The little bird stood stiffly as the healing waters of the universe flowed down around her. She felt uncomfortable with the power that surrounded her and without her wings she could not fly away.

Must I stay in this strange place when all I want is to feel better?, she wondered.

Invite me in little bird, the waters of the cosmos whispered kindly.

I can’t! she cried.

Yes, you can. Drink me in and let the healing journey home begin, the waters replied.

The little bird hesitated; something was holding her back. If the healing really was as simple as allowing the energy in then what is stopping me, she wondered.

Her mind was quick to reply FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. We cannot control that which we do not know.

Ahh that old chestnut, the little bird sighed.