With this art, I sat down and thought about fear, and what that might mean in the context of ‘fear of the unknown’.

I see two images within the art:

  1. A bird that appears a bit startled or has pulled up suddenly as it notices the golden threads streaming down around it.
  2. A face with mouth wide open looking in the opposite direction to the bird, with its back to the golden threads. It is looking straight ahead, and seems to be talking/eating in an all-consuming manner.

The message:

All things new that come into your awareness may take a bit of time to adjust to. The change in awareness is what is making you a bit unsteady and uncomfortable right now. Don’t jump to conclusions or start to listen to the fear monologue.

Take a moment to process what is happening around you. If it still feels ok and looks ok, it is. Trust it.

I have had a lot of resistance come up despite the messages of this art since completing the piece. I am still working through that as I feel stuck.

If you are interested in finding out more about what came up for me during this process, click on the link below to access my journal notes.

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