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Heart to art conversation with Soul

Following on from my art piece called Inner Smile, I had a chat with Soul about how to further the process for writing Soul’s story…

22 August 2019

Soul, what process do I need to do to start writing your story?

Hello dear one. Are you not already writing? You have set expectations for what writing my story means. This doesn’t serve you. We are working together and talking now. The current path is to build a relationship to strengthen our connection. Who knows, the story might be happening now. You might be part of the story. We are one after all! When you see yourself more clearly you will no longer ask about what to do to create; you will simply create.

So we just keep doing what we are doing now?

Yes. What is a story without some sort of creative tension? You would do well to stop thinking about writing my story and to allow yourself to become the story. You are creating yourself. This is your journey home.

I am the story? So I am writing about myself and my process? I am already doing that though. I don’t see how that is going to translate into anything that I can do something with to turn into a career.

No. You don’t see. And you won’t see for some time yet. These expectations do you no good. They cause you pain and unease, which is anathema to the goal you are striving for. You doubt yourself and this process. You fear failing. It’s time to cultivate silence and to leave your small thoughts on how this should be behind. It’s time to expand and unwind. Trust is key.

Ok. I feel a sense of disappointment that I am not going to start channelling a story and a sense of loss that my idea of being a writer is not going to happen. I do enjoy our time together though so I will keep connecting in and see where this takes me, even if it is just for me.

And all of the world will see. Trust me on this. For now, let go of the tight hold you have on what your destiny should be and just be…with me. I love you always. Smile now!

LOL ok wise one. I’ll smile now! Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to be with me.

The pleasure is all mine. I come alive when you consciously connect with me and I’m always here with you and for you. We are united as one.

The moral to the story is: Let go of the idea that I have of what being a writer is and what the outputs of this process will be. Easier said than done, but it doesn’t seem to be causing me anything but grief so it’s worth a shot!

I am ready!

I am ready

I decided that it was time to stop worrying that I wasn’t ready to write and to start focusing on just ‘being ready’. This was the focus for this artwork – I did not think about it, my aim was to be ready and see what happened.

After the artwork I didn’t have a lot of insights come up from the drawing, so I asked Soul if there was a message for me and used a technique called left hand, right hand writing to capture the conversation between myself and soul. When doing the writing, my non-dominant hand (right) was the voice of soul to help me get out of my head (represented in italics below).

Soul, is there a message for me?

Hello. I am here. Do you see me?

I’m not sure. Where are you on the page?

I am the page. I am the colours. I am form and I am the space without form.
I am you looking at me.
Do you see me now?

I don’t ‘see you’ per se and I don’t see me either. I just have a pleasant feeling when I look at this image. I find it kind of relaxing.

You perceive me then. I am here with you, helping you to clear a path of clarity so we can communicate more freely. You still have some clutter getting in the way of our connection.

How do I clear the clutter so we have the space to start writing?

Focus. Patience. An unwavering belief in yourself and this process.
Where there can be no doubt, you will see me clearly.
Where there is peace, you will feel me.
Where there is silence, you will hear me.

Keep going please. You will get to where you are heading.

Ok. Ok I will keep going.

Wonderful! You are learning! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS 🙂

Insights from this process:

I can see two images in the art – that of the bird and that of a face (looks like a duck that has the leaves as the mouth and is looking in the opposite direction to the bird). This is the second time I have drawn a two-headed image like this.

After typing up this conversation between myself and soul, as well as about the two images/faces I keep seeing in my art, I suddenly wonder if these are me and soul? We are two sides of the same coin. That means we are one and the same. I feel resonance and a bit of excitement in my body at this idea!

I also wonder what is up in the top right of the page that is still out of view? My curiosity is aroused and I am slightly irritated that I can’t see what is there.

If you are interested in reading more about my process, click on the link below to access my journal notes.