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The All that Is

I am nothing and yet,
I am everything

I am pure unlimited potential
Of universal power exponential

I am the essence of a star
The divine spark from a far

I am the silence, before came the word
Beyond space and time, where god first stirred

I am the ocean beneath the sea
This is where you will find me
Beyond all fear
Meet me here

Zero point connectivity

I am nothing, the all that is

– Lys 2008

Some inspired thoughts that came to me many years ago, which I always come back to for reflection. These words remind me that the power of our creative potential comes from within; it is always there for those who are willing to still themselves and listen to the voice that rises from the silence. This voice desires to be heard and known; it patiently waits for us to realise that we are ONE – the creator, the canvas and creation itself. The gift of accepting and following our own creative process is a beautiful path to self realisation.