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A room with a view

Living the high life in Burnaby, British Columbia

City views from our lounge

Before we moved to Vancouver, we managed to find on Craigslist a fully furnished apartment to sublet for the first 5 months of our stay here. While we had seen pictures and had a virtual tour using skype, they simply didn’t do the apartment justice with its amazing city and mountain views.

We don’t watch TV each evening anymore; now we relax with a wine and watch the clouds roll in over the mountains, the sun set behind the city, and the apartments light up and come to life. After 6 weeks, we still haven’t tired of the view. I’m also still surprised by the number of emergency vehicles that are always screaming down Kingsway and that pink, red and blue lights are quite a popular choice to light up other apartments!

Being used to lots of open space and the outdoors, I wasn’t sure how we were going to go with living 12 storeys up in a concrete high rise, surrounded by other high rises, but this place has a certain magical appeal to it. We are high enough up that we can just see over the top of the tall trees and watch the world go by below us, without getting vertigo. The apartment itself has a really homely feel and best of all, we only had to bring our clothes to move in.

Of course living in a high rise has its downsides such as having to take the elevator to take the rubbish out, having to impatiently wait for the elevator when only one is working, and the amount of dust that seems to quickly cover every surface. You can’t just “go outside”, you have to make a trip of it when you have a toddler (but then isn’t everything a bit of a mission with a toddler?!).

Our building

Soaking up the view the other night, I felt certain that this place had found us as much as we had found it. Sitting on the lounge I almost feel like I’m on an urban vision quest; this room with a view is the perfect place to receive inspiration and direction from the universe for what our overseas adventure might provide us.

Relaxing in the lounge

A walk in the forest

Beautiful Byrne Creek Urban Trail, Burnaby BC

Canada is known for its beautiful scenery and landscapes, but when you are living in the city it is easy to forget how close you are to nature here.

I’ve been living in Burnaby, Vancouver for just over a month now and to my great delight last week, I have found a little oasis nearby to escape the towering concrete high rises and sounds of the city. It’s called Byrne Creek and is part of Burnaby’s urban trails and bike pathways. Within this little sanctuary, I feel a sense of peace and calm wash over me as I marvel at the towering trees (too tall to fit into a photo!) and listen to the sounds of running water and birds.

One thing we don’t have back home in Australia is warning signs for swooping owls, which caused me to stop and carefully read the sign before proceeding into the forest the first time!

When I start to get a bit down about the lack of summer weather here right now, what with the endless cloudy days and grey, I appreciate being fortunate enough to enjoy a walk through the Byrne Creek landscape twice a week after dropping my daughter off at day care. She also has the benefit of being close to nature with so many parks and little reserves in the area that are perfect for curious minds to discover and play in. I quite like how they have combined high and medium density living in this area with the communal parks. A lot of families live here and I can see why.